hello there | Welcome to my little blog. I’ve been working on a new website but in the meantime I still wanted to share images with you. So, I’ve decided to start up this blog; let’s see where it takes us…


Benjamin Asher Behrens

I’m so happy the Behrens’ family came into my life just a few short weeks ago. The preciousness that is their little boy most obviously emerged from the love and kindness these two show for each other! It was such a pleasure to spend not one but two afternoons capturing this fleeting time. I’m looking forward to seeing this little guy grow with the parents he’s lucky enough to have.


Olivia Ruth

Now for a change of pace with the sweet & squishy Olivia Ruth. She had been in our world but a few days when I got to spend the morning with her. It’s incredible how quickly they change! Even at less than a week old we caught her smiling at her mommy, Hannah. As fast as time sprints past us, I was so happy to capture this precious time in their lives.


Becca + Chris

Couldn’t think of a better post to start this blog with! Becca is not only stunning but a super talented artist. Her destination wedding reflected just that. Chris & Becca’s beach wedding was breezy and carefree with artistic touches made by Rebecca herself. I don’t know of anyone else that’s just as creative as they are smart. This girl fires on all cylinders, and I’m glad she found a husband that can make her laugh!

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